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2/23/2017: retail ETF (XRT) update By Seed

Retail ETF XRT got hammered today. Lots of people who owned shares asked for my opinion. I have a position with OTM June $50 call at $0.12 per contract. (a small bet, either big win or a negligible loss) . Let’s look at some technical characters:

The monthly chart is always used for my favorite long term bet because long term decision need long term trend follower
price hold up 50 months MA since Jan 2016 until now. This long term MA get very crucial now. If at the end of this Feb, price cannot hold up, it is indeed a big trouble for this popular ETF.
the monthly chart also forms a big triangle, break down or beak out
the monthly chart also forms a smaller bull flag (too small, I did not draw it)
So what is the take? My personal opinion is that since 2016 this important 50 months MA touched so many times and held up, this time it should hold up again. The reason is simple, the overall big market is still in a bull run market, this particular ETF should not be left out. Again, my personal opinion should not be an advice for any investment purpose.

Peter Lynch’s 25 Golden Rules of Investment


Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Reports Rise in Net Earnings

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. said fourth-quarter net earnings rose nearly 15%, boosted in part by the stock market’s end-of-year gains.

Wireless Players Tout 5G as They Await Next Smartphone Wave

While wireless carriers battle each other by pushing unlimited data plans riding on their 4G networks, an industry gathering in Barcelona will be looking to the future.

Trump to Meet With Health-Insurance Executives

President Donald Trump is planning to meet with health-insurance executives on Monday as the administration looks to encourage insurers to sign onto Republicans’ health-care overhaul efforts.

Michael Levine Helped End Regulation of Airfares in U.S.

Michael Levine was a top official at the Civil Aeronautics Board in the late 1970s and helped phase out that regulatory body as airfares were deregulated. He died Feb. 3 at the age of 75.

Apple, Samsung Need to Dazzle in a Slow Market

For the two largest players in the smartphone business, Apple and Samsung, the goal this year is to restore some luster to their brands. Both saw smartphone sales fall for the first time in 2016.

Verizon’s unlimited advertising is confusing everyong

Verizon’s unlimited advertising is confusing everyong

Verizon has rolled out a thorough ad campaign to go with its new unlimited data plan. As is normal these days, the ads focus on the pricing per line when you have four lines, which works out to $45 per line, plus taxes and fees.

Unfortunately for sales reps working in Verzion's stores, wannabe customers don't read the fine print.

Several Verizon retail sources have told BGR that customers are coming in "every hour" asking for "that $45 Unlimited plan," just to be told that actually, it's $80 plus taxes for the plan if there's just one of you. I'm sure Verizon is happy that customers are excited by the pricing of its unlimited plan, but people wanting one line for $45 per month seems to be causing serious problems for the retail outlets. One employee said that "if I have to explain the bad math to one more customer, I'm going to go [around the city] and write '$80' on every Verizon ad I can find."

A poster on the Verizon subreddit echoed the comments:

"I swear man, if another customer comes in and asks for our new $45 UDP, I'm gonna rip the posters off the walls. I'm not even cushioning my response to customers anymore. I just tell them it's gimmicky marketing math meant to get them in store. Anyone else having a lot of push back from frustrated customers on this phrasing?"

Verizon is definitely not the first wireless network to focus on the per-line unlimited cost, rather than being more upfront about the pricing. Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T have all used per-line pricing in the past, despite the fact that most people don't actually have four lines per account. Still, it seems like people have been waiting so long for a Verizon unlimited plan that this ad campaign has sparked more interest than usual.

SpaceX Is Delaying Its Mars Mission Until 2020

SpaceX Is Delaying Its Mars Mission Until 2020With so much going on, SpaceX can't commit to a 2018 mission to the red planet.

Tesla now offers insurance and maintenance for life

Tesla now offers insurance and maintenance for lifeSelf-driving cars are going to ruin everything–in a good way. If all goes as planned, they'll dramatically reduce auto accidents and highway fatalities; boost fuel efficiency; minimize traffic jams; and maybe even cut the number of vehicles we own. Autonomous vehicles are likely to wreak havoc on the insurance industry, too. For insurance agents who might not be worried about that doomsday scenario just yet, they should take a look at Tesla. That's because Tesla has slowly begun offering lifetime insurance policies to some buyers–and that package covers vehicle maintenance, too. The automaker hasn't widely discussed the feature, but it became public knowledge during an earnings call earlier this week. According to Tesla's President of Global Sales and Service, Jonathan McNeill, the insurance and maintenance package has been quietly rolling out to shoppers in Asian markets, where it's proven very popular. In fact, McNeill says that the majority of Tesla buyers in Asia have opted to shell out for the package. Tesla hasn't yet confirmed the price of the package, nor has it hinted when it might be available to shoppers in other markets. However, the offering clearly stems in large part from the company's confidence in its semi-autonomous (and soon, fully autonomous) Autopilot software.  Would you be willing to pay upfront for a lifetime insurance and maintenance package? If so, how much? Share your thoughts in the comments below.