stock earning ER option

ER trade review for the week of 4/17/2017

Sold MS May 05 41PUT at 0.92 ;
Sold IBM 172.5/175 April Call Spread at 0.84
Buy NFLX APRIL 140/135/130 Butterfly at 0.73
Buy QCOM APRIL 52/50/48 Butterfly @ 0.35
Buy STK April 26/25/24 Butterfly @ 0.2
Sold HA May 46PUT @0.72,
Sold V Jun -90P @2.55
Sold V May 92.5 Covered Call

Two of the three Butterfly trades failed, both had profit at one time, but expired worthless at Friday. STK won 2x Make the whole group trade still profitable.
All other trades are winning trade. One existing holding position(GS Sold PUT) got hit.

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