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Table: AAPL ER estimates

tick erDate industry marketcapM outstandM floatM competitive value TA FA MFI lastPrice erRange UpTarget DownTarget expectERClose UpLimit DownLimit expectEROpen expectERHigh expectERLow indexMember sd
AAPL 2019-07-30 16:30:00 Electronic Equipment 967883 4620 4600.00 -1.67 0.30 10.50 1.17 -0.66 208.84 8.37 223.93 201.14 212.53 224.34 193.05 213.01 215.43 210.06 SPY,QQQ,DIA,week,penny,naz,oex,sp25,sp50 4.263952

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Based on AAPL latest PRE-ER price of 208.84, We expect AAPL 2019-07-30 16:30:00 ER result as follow:

Estimated After ER Open Price 213.01, Close Price 212.53, High:215.43, LOW:210.06

Estimated Down Side Target: 201.14 ,Expected Up side Target: 223.93

Estimated Extreme Case range: from 193.05 to 224.34

How to use this information:

Estimated After ER Open Price & after ER Close Price:

If you have no bias about ER result, you can use this as estimates for price range after ER

UpTarget and DownTarget:

The probability that ER price fall into this range is about 80%, if you have an up(or down) side view about this paticular ER, you can use the UpTarget (or DownTarget) to plan your ER directional trade.

UpLimit and DownLimit:

These are price range under the extreme case , use these numbers to calcualte your risk exposure and establish the size of your trade.

Value, TA, FA:

These are the quantified numbers between -10 to 10 to represent the current stock price to value, Financial Analysis, and Technical Analysis scores. Please note there is no direct correlation between those values and Post ER day price range. There are listed for your long term holding reference, also note post ER shocks may dramatically changes a stock’s Value, FA, and TA scores.